With today (Wednesday 19 August) marking World Photography Day we decided to delve into the archives and go behind the lens to ask some of our photographers for the favourite photographs they have taken at The Women’s Tour.

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Read on to see the photographs, and the reasons behind their choice.

Alex Whitehead | SWPix | Vita Heine 2017

“Vita Heine of Hitec Products climbs Gun Hill during Stage Two of the 2017 Women’s Tour in Staffordshire.

“This is one of my favourite pictures from photographing the Women’s Tour in recent years because it encapsulates the effort the riders put in on difficult climbs in the race.

“You most often get the best cycling pictures on a climb, so it was part of the plan at the start of the day that I would stop to get pictures on Gun Hill. As I got off the moto near the top, I was in two minds whether to shoot a tight picture, focusing on riders’ exhausted pain-face or shoot a wider picture of the peloton with the picturesque green hills as the backdrop.

“Fortunately the climb had forced a split and gave me the chance to shoot a ‘tight and bright’ action picture of Vita Heine in her Norwegian national champs jersey, as she led Shara Gillow and Cecilie Uttrup Ludwig over the top of hill and still allowed me to shoot a wider landscape picture of the peloton as they came past 90 seconds later.

“You get a brief glimpse in the background that the landscape was quite scenic but I’m sure given the pain the cyclists were in, they wouldn’t have noticed!”

You can find more of Alex’s work by following him on Instagram and Twitter.

Vita Heine

Simon Wilkinson | SWPix | Daventry 2017

“This picture sums up all that is good about cycling, when the whole town turns out. Daventry always shows up for the Women’s Tour.”

You can follow Simon on Twitter and Instagram, and of course see more of his work and that of the team at SWPix.com


Rhodri Williams | Content is King | Jolien D’hoore 2018

“While rushing to the start saw a chance to snap Jolien getting ready for the stage – then saw her rings, and tried to work them into the snap.”

You can see another example of Rhodri’s work at the top of the page from Stowmarket on last year’s Women’s Tour, when in his words “I got caught up post-stage filming bus reactions, and had to sprint to the podium. Unable to get behind, I found a long angle…and caught a beaming Ellie while a sea of people cheer her up on the podium.”

To see more of Rhodri’s work, find him on Twitter and Instagram or visit his website.

Jolien D'hoore