Expert digital fitness companion Pillar, which provides personalised dynamic coaching for cyclists of all levels, will be the presenting partner of the sprints competition at this year’s Women’s Tour (Monday 6 – Saturday 11 June).

Recognising a gap in the market, Pillar uses finely tuned algorithms to create training programs tailored specifically to individual needs and goals and adjusts recommendations based on individual performance data.

Pillar evaluates all your cycling, tells you how it’s progressing you towards your goal, and how it adds up from a fatigue perspective, so you don’t overtrain. Pillar gives you freedom in your training – telling you the highest priority sessions to do, and gives alternatives. Pillar also updates your training recommendations based on your evolving fitness and activity levels.

The team behind Pillar are world-class coaches, professional athletes, and sports scientists are also active participants in the cycling community, sharing their experiences, recommendations and answering questions regarding fitness and nutrition.

Pillar founder Dan Wakerley said: “We are very excited to be partnering with the women’s tour. From day one in our journey, we have been driven to build a product that deeply understands and supports athletes at all levels be at their best in their fitness and health journey. Partnering with the professional Women’s Tour represents a significant opportunity to deliver on this ambition with athletes at the pinnacle of their sport.”

Photo: introducing the Pillar sprints jersey

Each of the six stages of the Women’s Tour will feature two intermediate Pillar sprints, with the first three riders across the line at each taking 3-2-1 points as well as matching time bonuses.

Recent winners of the Pillar sprints jersey include Nina Kessler (2021) and Coryn Labecki (2019 and 2018).

Women’s Tour commercial director Miles Rose, said: “We are delighted to be welcoming Pillar to our partnership family. It’s been a somewhat challenging period in the partnerships market here in the UK over the past six to twelve months, so to find brands that want to support and champion our events is brilliant news. We welcome the support of the team and Pillar and can’t wait to work side by side to achieve our joint goals and objectives.”