The inaugural Women’s Tour cycle race will provide massive benefits to Tendring when it arrives in the District twice next month.

The event, which features the very best female international road cyclists including World and Olympic champions, will be watched by a television audience of hundreds of millions right across the world.

In just four weeks’ time visitors to the area will be arriving from around the UK and abroad as enthusiasts flood in to line the route to watch the action live – and spend their cash with local businesses and traders.

Above: Professional cyclist Emma Trott recently joined Tendring Borough Council at their Stage launch in Clacton-on-Sea.

Tendring District Council (TDC) successfully managed to secure two stages of the tour with Stage 3 finishing in Clacton on May 9 and Stage 5 starting in Harwich on May 11.

It is the only area to have two of the stages – with the aim that as many towns and villages as possible will get to benefit.

Mick Page, TDC Leader, said the excitement is really starting to build and everyone is looking to make the most of the prestigious top class event.

“The Women’s Tour is much more than just a high profile sporting event for us – it is a chance for us to showcase Tendring and all that it has to offer to a worldwide audience,” he said.

“It is very rare that we have that type of unique opportunity and we must make the very best of it.”

Cllr Page said that it will give the 2014 summer season the perfect lift off and bring many new people to the District for the very first time. If they like what they see hopefully they will return in the future and encourage friends and family to do so.

“Those visitors will all need somewhere to stay, eat, drink and spend their money and we expect many businesses to cash in at a time of the year when it can be relatively quiet in between Easter and the summer holidays,” he added.

“The Tour will definitely put Tendring on the map internationally and create a major boost for the area in so many ways.”

Mark Platt, TDC’s Cabinet Member for Tourism, Events and Leisure Facilities, said it was a significant coup for Tendring to land two stages of the tour and something they should be very proud of.

“It will be without doubt the single largest sporting event ever to be hosted by our District and by having both dates a larger part of Tendring will be able to join in,” he said.

“It should create a carnival atmosphere, give the District a shot in the arm for the coming summer season and show that we can host major international events such as this, thus enhancing our reputation as a can-do Council.”

Cllr Platt added that cycling is continuing to grow in popularity following the success of Britain in the 2012 London Olympics – both as a sport and a leisure activity.

He hopes that the Tour will create a long lasting legacy with residents taking to two wheels to help improve their overall health and well-being.

“What takes place on our roads next month could be a real game changer and encourage people to take up cycling, either as a fun family pursuit or as a sport,” said Cllr Platt.

“It will also bring communities together to celebrate and enjoy the tour in a way we have not seen for a sporting event in Tendring in the past.

“It would be fantastic if this was to become a regular on our calendar and another huge attraction to boost the local economy in the same way as the Clacton Air Show does every August. That two-day event brings in an additional £4million.

“The tour has the potential to create a massive feel good factor in Tendring which can be built upon and exploited to the full.”

The Council is organising its annual Tour de Tendring to take place half an hour after the professional riders have set off from Harwich on May 11 with routes of 6, 20 and 60 miles.

For further information on how to take part in the event which attracts more than 1,300 riders go to