The past two years have been incredibly challenging as a race organiser, particularly since there has not been an edition of the Women’s Tour for 28 months.  This has been the hardest time in the race’s existence and provided challenges even greater than when we created and established the Women’s Tour in 2014.

As a result of these commercial realities, we will not be able to expand the coverage of the Women’s Tour in 2021 to include a live broadcast.

We will continue to have a fantastic free-to-air nightly highlights programme in the UK on ITV4 and distributed internationally by Eurosport GCN, and to share content from the race across our website and social media channels to keep fans as informed and updated as possible.

We appreciate that fans of the Women’s Tour in the UK and around the world will not be able to watch the race live. We share their disappointment.  There is nothing that we would like more than to be able to showcase the fantastic racing, beautiful scenery and great community support that the race receives through a live broadcast.

The whole organisation shares the same determination to have a fantastic Women’s Tour in October 2021 and to do our utmost to be able to tell the story of the 2022 race live around the world.