The Women’s Tour has today appointed OnePlan as official event planning supplier for the 2022 race (Monday 6 – Saturday 11 June).

OnePlan is a professional event planning tool enabling event site planners and stakeholders to collaborate in one platform.  OnePlan combines the characteristics of CAD with latest mapping technology in one streamlined tool, allowing for organisers to map, design, and manage events.

It will transform the planning of Women’s Tour stage starts and finishes, in doing so adding another layer to rider safety, as well as improving the experiences for spectators and host venues alike. This partnership will also see SweetSpot, the Women’s Tour organisers, showcase the product’s capabilities to key race stakeholders.

The Women’s Tour joins the likes of World Triathlon, FIBA (International Basketball Federation), and Silverstone in working with OnePlan.  In addition to networking opportunities at the Tour, OnePlan will develop a case study about the race’s use of the platform.

Women's Tour One PlanPhoto: OnePlan’s intuitive platform will transform the Women’s Tour’s pre-race planning in 2022

About OnePlan

OnePlan contains cycling specific objects and tools that make the planning of cycling events more efficient and intuitive, turning OnePlan into a ‘turn key’ solution for organisers, federations and clubs. The new cycling features now available in OnePlan are free to use for anyone planning a cycling event, anywhere in the world, including more than 158 cycling specific tools. More information can be found at

In Quotes

Women’s Tour route director Andy Hawes said: We are really excited to be working in partnership with OnePlan this year and helping them develop a cycling specific package to add to their already successful event platform. 

“Working with OnePlan will enhance the information we are able to share with our stakeholders and will provide a much clearer picture of where all the event infrastructure will be placed on the day, not just at the starts and finishes, but also along the route.  As OnePlan continues to develop, we hope it will be the go-to platform for all event organisers not just sporting events.”

OnePlan CEO Paul Foster said: “We’re delighted SweetSpot have chosen OnePlan as its event planning partner for the Women’s Tour. This elite event will benefit from the centimetre accuracy planning in OnePlan, improving event safety and the spectator experience.  As cycling continues to grow in the UK, we’re excited to see how all types of cycling events will benefit from OnePlan’s easy-to-use platform.”

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