Fenwick’s are changing the way you wash your bike and they’re going to get you started FREE at the Women’s Tour this year.

Cleaning the drivetrain on your bike is a messy old business, but if you do it regularly your bike will be more efficient and the components will last longer. More watts for less pounds; what’s not to like there?

Still not feeling motivated? Fair enough, cleaning the drivetrain on your bike is traditionally a mucky job that might involve solvents and in lots of cases a fiddly bit of plastic called a chain bath the guzzles up expensive degreasing fluids.


The boffins at Fenwick’s took one look at chain baths and thought there’s got to be a simpler way. And they’re so confident you’ll love it they’d like you to try it FOR FREE!

The Fenwick’s Chain Cleaning System consists of a specially engineered, long lasting sponge that pairs with their Foaming Chain Cleaner. You just spray, wait, rub and rinse. The special formulation of Foaming Chain Cleaner lifts and separates the dirty chain lube from your chain. So there’s no need for pressure washers or fiddly baths.

All that might sound too good to be true though, so Fenwick’s are offering anyone that surrenders their old chain bath a free sponge and a 200ml can of Foaming Chain Cleaner free. They’re that confident their product will change the way you wash your bike forever.

Just pop along to see Fenwick’s in the Tour Village at any of the stage finishes* on this year’s Women’s Tour, when you drop off your old chain bath for recycling they’ll give you your new kit on the spot.

  • Monday 6 June in Abbey Gardens, Bury St Edmunds
  • Tuesday 7 June alongside Third Way, Harlow
  • Wednesday 8 June at Gloucester Docks
  • Thursday 9 June on New Street in Welshpool
  • Friday 10 June at Pembrey Country Park (*START)
  • Saturday 11 June on St Giles’ in Oxford city centre


Make sure you check out the race manual for full details of all of the stages.