You can now view fully interactive maps for every Stage of the 2016 Aviva Women’s Tour and download detailed Estimated Time of Arrivals for the entire length of each Stage.

Now is the time to start planning where and when you’ll be able to see the world’s best female cyclists whizzing past as they go in search of the Aviva Yellow Jersey.

Our interactive maps all feature the locations for the two Strava Queen of the Mountains and Chain Reaction Cycles Sprints that will be taking place on each Stage along with links to each individual Strava segment so you can see for yourself just how tough some of the climbs will be!

The full ETA list for each Stage details what time we expect the riders to reach each point along the route and also gives a turn-by-turn description of the route that the peloton will be travelling.

Also available on the ETAs is the expected finish time for each Stage, with leeway given for if the riders are travelling at a particularly quick or slow speed, as well as start time information.

You can access all of this information by visiting our STAGES PAGE now.

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