With the 2017 Women’s Tour fast approaching and exciting news about the route coming very soon we’ve created a set of brilliant background wallpapers for you to download to mark the occasion.

The backgrounds have all been tailor-made to fit desktop,tablet and mobile devices and come in a range of styles so you can even choose to have a different one on each device!

There are 4 different styles for you to choose from, with each representing a theme that you can expect to see from the racing in the 2017 edition. They are ‘If you can’t handle the heat’, ‘New pastures’, ‘The comeback’ & ‘When the break sticks’.

All you have to do to be able to download these stunning backgrounds is sign up to our newsletter. Once you’ve signed up you’ll be directed to a thank-you page which will have the link on for you to download the full range of images!

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Thank you all for your brilliant support and we look forward to another exciting edition of the race later this year!